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"Proudly offering Professional Offsite Data Recovery Services to Calgary and surrounding area "

Hard Drive Recovery Lab

Benson & Associates is here to help you with all your data recovery needs. We understand the value of your data and the importance of a quick and secure recovery.

Through our Professional Off-site Data Recovery Program, data loss is only temporary and we prove it every day with the success of our hard drive recovery services.

No job is too big or too small – we recover data from all consumer media devices and perform specialized server, RAID, NAS & SAN data recovery services.

If you have lost valuable data, turn to the recovery professionals who recover the unrecoverable.

Each data loss situation is unique. Therefore, we are constantly researching and developing new proprietary hardware and software that will allow us to offer a recovery solution for all data loss situations.

Engineers with the Expertise to Recover Data from

A Wide Range of Failures...

Data Recovery Lab


Data Recovery Lab


Data Recovery Lab


Accidental Deletion of Data
Hard Drive Makes Clicking / Knocking Sound
Electrical Shortage & Power Spikes
Inaccessible / Hidden Drives & Partitions
Spindle Motor Controller Failure
Fire & Flood
Data Corruption
Damaged Controller Board
Natural Disaster
Unable to Boot Computer
Spindle Motor Seizure
Sabotage / Vandalism
Accidental Partitioning or Reformatting
Hard Drive Controller Error
Fire & Flood Damage
Microcode / Firmware Corruption
Head Crash / Platter Damage
Hard Drive is Unable to be Accessed
Bad Sectors
Malware / Virus Problems
Head-Stack Preamp Failure
Data Restoration Service
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Data Recovery Lab

Solid State Drive (SSD) Manufacturers

Data Recovery Lab

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Western Digital
Western Digital

The Data Recovery Process

1. Consultation

  Free phone consultation to determine type of data loss and provide the most cost effective solution and pricing

  Review pricing options including, evaluation fee and price range for data recovery service

  Help you chose an appropriate service level based on the consultation

  Upon receipt of the signed service agreement, Core Data Engineers begin the actual recovery diagnostics

2. Diagnostics

  Analyze media damage to determine condition of data

  Report on recoverable data typically within 12-48 hours depending on service level selected

  Provide quote with a guaranteed fixed price for data recovery service

3. Data Recovery

  Engineers perform repairs and data recovery procedures using proprietary hardware, software and tools all       developed at the Innovation Place research park

  Follow your recovery progress online in real-time using our customer portal. Track progress, monitor status
      updates and communicate with recovery service professionals and engineers regarding the details of your recovery

4. Post-Recovery

  We deliver all recovered data to you on the media of your choice (external hard drive, FTP, CD, DVD, HTTPS, etc.)

  Return recovered data within time requested and based on service level selected by you

  Provide simple instructions on how to access and re-install recovered data

  Professional customer service and technical support staff available to help you access and re-install recovered data

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